An insurance agent who truly works for you.

Not all insurance agents are created equal. At Ethos Insurance and Risk Management, we go out of our way to treat our clients like people and we use our industry experience and diversified knowledge base to protect what you value most in business and in life.
Super Talented

Super Talented

Business Insurance Account Manager

We love working with our business insurance clients and helping them through these challenging times. Ethos is thrilled to announce we will be having a business insurance account manager join our team in January 2021. This person will be bringing another level of energy, empathy and whip-smart insurance knowledge to our staff.

Just wait until you meet this awesome person!

We love working with our business insurance clients and our goal is to continue to add value as they navigate these challenging times. Beginning in January 2021, our new business insurance account manager will be bringing a new level of appreciation, service and helpful tips to our business insurance clients. This person has the energy, sincerity, and whip-smart insurance knowledge you come to expect from Ethos. Our team is so excited to see this person get started and so will our current and future clients!